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Small, friendly family units

Each of our small, friendly family units accommodates no more than three clients, and therefore we offer an alternative to residential care homes and day centres. Moreover, service users at Special Needs Care have access to a wider range of welfare benefits and can shape their own individual care package. At every opportunity, we encourage clients to live full and active lives through high levels of stimulation and education, allied to social interaction with friends, family and the local environment. We also work hard to widen user's practical and personal experience, through the development of skills and social capabilities, so that each individual can lead a rich and rewarding life.

To read our Service User’s guide, please click here.

Holidays and exploration, stimulus and experience

Our clients are encouraged to explore beyond their immediate environment, and we organise regular accompanied holidays to countryside such as the Lake District, Peak District and Snowdonia, as well as trips to towns and cities, cinemas and sports centres.

"We accept our shared responsibility to create a high quality, personalised system which offers people the highest standards of professional expertise, care, dignity, maximum control and self determination."

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