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Admission Policy

Should you be interested in our services, we would invite interested parties to visit our homes and indeed to meet our staff to establish whether Special Needs Care can fulfil the needs of the individual service user. If so, we shall carry out a full assessment of the prospective services user at his/her current placement and invite the service user for further visits and a possible over-night stay, or more should it be necessary, before final decision is made to proceed with the transition.

In the meantime, we will of course maintain strong links with authorities and exchange information with family members and key professionals to facilitate a smooth transition and to ensure that all parties involved are fully satisfied not only with the transition but with the future prospect of the services offered. Provided the relevant authorities and parents confirmed acceptance of the placement and their financial responsibility and that the transition is successful, we will offer a minimum of three months settling-in period followed by a review, as it is most important to us that service user’s individual needs are met and maintained.

Special Needs Care shall provide the authorities and the service user with a written contract to include our costs based on the individual assessment together with our standard terms and conditions. It is not our intention to provide placement for emergency admissions, as this could have a detrimental affect on the well being of our small households.

However, should we have no placement for long-term care and indeed our services are required, we will offer a waiting list to prospective services users and we will endeavour to find them suitable placement within our homes as soon as possible, normally within three months.