We put our service users at the forefront of everything we do and it is them who lead and guide our design, approach and overall vision. We truly are a very special place for very valued people.

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Our USPs

Special Needs Care is made up of a group of committed individuals pushing the boundaries of the health and social care sector. We aim to provide high quality care in a warm, safe and comfortable environment whilst consistently delivering positive outcomes.

Special Needs Care

Here at Special Needs Care, we do everything reasonably possible to consider the needs of those we support. We take great pride in focusing on individual preferences to ensure we continually provide a diverse and adaptable service for each and every one of our service users.


Individual commitment is a principal core within our organisation, being a part of a team that promotes commitment in their every day approach provides a collaborative and united style which hopes to optimise development and the implementation of a successful future for all.


We are a company with true family values who apply the “Mum Test,” to everything we do. Our services offer a place of warmth, kindness and compassion whilst retaining staff who are fun, enthusiastic and motivated about everything they do.

Special needs care about

About us

We are a team of professionals, to include a team of board- certified behaviour analysts, led by a practising solicitor delivering bespoke, personalised care solutions to people with learning disabilities, autism and complex care/health needs for all ages.

We are champions of the best models of care, particularly ACTIVE SUPPORT and POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT, led by a team of board-certified behaviour analysts across all our services. We have developed innovative digital solutions to support the implementation of Active Support, turning person centred planning into person centred action.

We think about quality of life in terms of Belonging and connection, having Autonomy and control, developing our Gifts and talents, and being a Speaker and listener with a sense of self, namely the BAGS Model. We pursue quality of life goals through Active Support, Positive Behavioural Support and the BAGS model, and these models have significantly improved staff attitudes towards service users through the promotion of engagement, opportunity and participation.

In addition to this, our Behaviour Analysts carry out functional assessments for those individuals whose behaviour can be operationally defined as challenging. This process enables us to ascertain the function of behaviour and draw an individual intervention plan based upon the persons specific needs.

We believe in education, and we are involved in developing a school for exceptional children that aims to be the very best of its kind in the United Kingdom - see abbeyschool.com

We are so much more than just care provider, as we offer supported living services, state of the art emergency/respite services designed specifically for people with autism and challenging behaviour alongside day centres. We also offer award winning housing services, legal services, as well as workforce development.

We are a proud accredited living wage paying company to our ever growing staff on permanent contracts, as we do not believe in zero hour contracts but we do believe in rewarding our committed staff for their hard work. We very much respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and employees, and never been or will be on social media, as we believe in direct and personal contact.

Read our CQC Reports to include the ARC (Abbey Respite Centre)

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