Welcome to The ARC - a place of peace and tranquility set in a newly refurbished 18th Century house, in the heart of Chester.

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Open to both day service guests and residential clients, The ARC is fully staffed and equipped to provide the highest standards of care, focused on answering the individual needs and exploring the personal potential of each service user.

Special needs care day center

Day center

With meaningful activities such as IT, creative arts, music therapy, cooking, motivation, well being and gardening, we employ qualified teachers to run these sessions to enable our clients to work towards accredited qualifications.

Special needs care respite


Currently we have the only multisensory room in Cheshire which can be accessed by our clients and the public. Our clients’ families are also important to us and so we are happy to support parents and carers in having a well deserved break whilst knowing their loved ones are safe in our care.

Special needs care art


We have a professional arts and craft session which is successfully delivered daily by a qualified arts teacher. The sessions strive to tap into an array of experiences and are able to be adapted soundly around varying needs and interests.

Special needs care garden respite

Garden respite

Developed to inspire those looking to grow and learn about their outdoor environment, gardening is an activity which has great sensory attributes, contributing to the development and engagement of an individuals’ senses, therefore expanding opportunities.

Special needs care health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

To the rear of the building we have an outside area that enables us to hold outdoor activities, leading us to offer bespoke activities for the people that we support. Both physical and emotional health and well being needs will be fully considered during these sessions.

Special needs care IT


Information technology is something that we all need on a day to day basis on both personal and professional levels, and as our services strive to support people to develop and engage in new activities regardless of the level, we have courses which will be able to offer an opportunity to exceed skills and understandings.

Special needs care Kitchen


Our bespoke, high standard and adaptable learning kitchen has been developed and built with varied abilities and needs consistently in mind.

Special needs care life skills

Life skills

This workshop hopes to identify employability, skills, life aspirations and ideologies allowing individuals to create a view about how they will set, work towards and achieve their own individual goals. This will generated through group interaction with both peers tutors.

Special needs care music


If music is your forte then look no further, we have appointed an enthusiastic team of musicians who will happily take you through energetic and inspiring sessions.

Special needs care sensory


We have an amazing multi-sensory room which we are very proud of. The sensory room provides a unique environment that enables users to explore without risk and develop and engage along the way.

Special needs care short breaks and holidays

Short breaks and holidays

We can provide support staff to accompany you during your holidays and/or short break in a bespoke way relevant to your needs and requirements. We can also support you in creating a bespoke service in line with your requests for your holiday.

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