Here at Special Needs Care, we provide a range of different services that can be tailored to an individual’s needs and preferences in a nurturing, friendly environment.

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Special needs supported living

Supported living

Our aim is to create a person-centred approach, to achieve this we will work with those we support to identify their personal strengths.

Once identified, a plan will be developed to highlight aspirations, ideas and achievements. Independence is key, and therefore providing a support network that helps to grow that individual’s experiences and opportunities is paramount to us.

Special needs supported living

Active Support APP

Active Support is an evidence-based approach that allows service users and staff to plan how they use their time, to decide the level of support that is required, and then to record how things went.

We have developed the first app on the UK market. Future versions will include features that help staff teach new skills and address challenging behaviour within the framework of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), a framework for designing environments that make challenging behaviour irrelevant, ineffective, inefficient.

Special needs care housing


We strongly believe that people with learning disabilities and complex needs are entitled the same living standards as the rest of us.

That is why we support our service users with local housing arrangements in the most desirable areas of Chester. We love designing houses around our clients’ needs and helping to provide long term solutions for their unique needs.

Special needs care legal services

Legal services

We are very fortunate to have a full, in-house legal team who help support our care and services led by a practising solicitor.

They look after our clients’ legal needs, represent them in front of authorities, and indeed look after the well being of all our employees. Where possible any legal representation of our clients is carried out on a pro bono basis as this is a subject close to our heart.

Special needs care day center

Day center

The ARC at 8 Abbey Square provides exciting opportunities to learn, develop and gain new skills.

Utilising a state of the art facility, our day center supports service users to explore different subjects, pursue different interests and gain qualifications such as ASDAN. The day service encourages service users to identify how they want to progress and what skills they'd like to develop.

Special needs care emergency respite and short breaks

Emergency respite and short breaks

The Arc is equipped to provide accommodation, support for planned short breaks and emergency respite placements.

Whatever the reason for the placement, Special Needs Care is able to act in a responsive and efficient manner to ensure that any person who may be in crisis can receive support in a safe, caring and positive environment. Staff are trained to be sensitive yet professional in all situations and are able to amend and tailor their approach to each individual service user.

Special needs care training


Training is a vital part of ensuring all staff are equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding to carry out their duties effectively.

Special Needs Care recognise the importance of service user specific training that focuses on a person’s individual needs and how their support is to be provided. This is particularly important for those with complex needs, including physical health, mental health and potential risk behaviour.

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